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DueBrew is a SAAS B2B application serving the craft brewing industry which is owned by Unkl Solutions Inc. We also provide various other IT/Web solutions to our clients. We are expanding into other industries or sectors and are keen on creating real world solutions that self fund. That means, creating solutions of efficiency where the benefit to our clients is far greater than the cost.

DueBrew Genesis

In another industry, for another company, I was recognized as a “techie guy” who could speak the user language, and the developer language, to translate user requirements effectively to our developer, Pete Bradstreet. Pete has over 20+ years of experience creating applications that have had national scope across many clients. As we developed a close working relationship, I began to realize the potential between this experience and the options that were available to many of my close friends who were knee deep in the brewing industry. I’ve been steeped in the brewing industry through those close friendships for nearly 20 years now. It just seemed a no-brainer to put these two sides of my life together into a solution.
James Richards
President – Unkl Solutions Inc. | duebrew.com